Michael Nicholson has been known to me for over 20 years, our professional

relationship has existed since 2005.


Michael qualified as an architect but a fascination with photography as a form of communication shifted his focus. He worked early in his career alongside Max Dupaln 1988 -1989. Photographs from this period remain remarkable and are Indicative of a keen eye for composition. Since that time he has maintained a passion for his art and developed digital skills that now typify the style of the work. Michael's photography is accurate. A training in architecture allows him to see many of the considerations that inform architecture – his photographs often reveal the thinking that compose the work. He takes the viewer into the architecture in a charismatic fashion; Images are balanced, filled with Information and occasionally singular by nature.


Working with Michael is with ease. He is both professional and obliging, invariably the resultant images capture expectations, imagination and clarity – ultimately our hope is photography will discover the architecture, unquestionably Michael provides that journey.


To be perfectly upfront about it – whenever someone asks me to recommend a photographer to shoot a house, I tell them to call Michael Nicholson. Why? Firstly, because I know that technically the results will be first class – the edges will be sharp, the tones will be rich and balanced, and the light will be managed. But there is also a poetic dimension to Michael’s work, a warmth to it which says that these spaces are alive and lived in.

Michael’s photographs seem to capture a sense of the “otherness” of places. They draw you into the world of the particular project that he is

capturing. He enjoys what he does and his passion and enthusiasm make the whole process fun for all involved. Not only are the photographs exciting artistically but they are also technically excellent.


One suspects that the reason he enjoys photography so much is that he has a gift to capture the essence of a place, the result of years of perfecting his craft. The resultant photographs are as much an artistic expression as are the buildings themselves.